Take a look

Take a look


The site is almost done…i hope….but it depends on your advices, suggestions, critics, possible improvements…etc….

ooh, it certainly looks nice. and I love the music… so smoooth :smiley:
If I were you, I’d spend some time just using it. There were a few places where I got stuck and there was nothing to do but reload the page. Great so far though!

Anyone…don´t you guys have nothing to say…i know is in Portuguese but so what!!..hope to read comments on Design, navigation, what is good or bad about this site!


hehe, posting at the same time :wink:

itz kinda glitchy, for example, if i click on a link, and the thing loads, if i move my mouse up over it quickly, it disappears. I dont know if that was intended, but itz kind of confusing.

Next, when u click a button, and the movie loads, why do u turn the menu to black? it is extremly hard to read.

other than that, itz nice… liking the crosshair thing, and the sound is nice as well

We have the same GMT!!(if you are in the UK)

Thanks by the coment…bur where did u get stuck! i´m want to avoid that!!

I´m traying to avoid that black part…on my screen is grey and transparent!

and what about how when you move your mouse over the movie the new movie disappears?

after the movie is loaded u need to use that grey bar to navigate…just move the mouse left and right on top of the bar and the images scrool…maybe its a bit hard to reach…i probably need to change that!

are u refering that movie whith the 2 surfer on u reach the top side of the window…thats intencional! do u think is better a on release insted of a on roll over action in that button!?

itz like this… when the main movie loads… and i hover over the menu, it is grey, and transparent. After i click a link, the menu turns black, and the new movie is loaded. Now, i scroll from left to right, and that works fine. BUT, if u move your mouse off the movie, lets say to the top left, and then move it back over the movie suddenly, the info disappears

ahhhh, if its intentional then that makes sense. but the navigation is a little confusing, with the scroll bar. and yea, make the thing with the surfers a clickable button. This way you wont scare the crap out of your viewers. Also, if you are going to leave it on rollover, you should have it so that on rollOut it goes back to wutever other movie you had loaded

ok Thanks man!!

one more thing!!
Did you trie all the movies, expl: CV, Trabalho…etc, are they loading right?

they all load fine…