Tank Wars!

Ok so everyone has seen the car/bus/etc battles well I thought that since those have done well That I get one going on a tank. Heres the stock image TANK good luck to all that enter mine will be in soon.

(make sure you have an sxc account)

sxc sucks right now. I can’t upload nor d/l any pic.

so reef and mlk can I count on you guys joining?

Sorry - didn’t mean to make it sound wrong.

I just meant you need an account to view it.

I’m just CRAZY busy right now talking to some important people :stuck_out_tongue: and designing lots of other stuff. Sorry but maybe the next one?

I’ll watch this battle though :).

ok mines done anyone else going to join in??


sorry bout that having troubles with the site let me try that again

ok cool I fixed it and it now works CLICK-ITY CLICK HERE

um it still doesn’t work

I dunno this site I use sucks balls lol

im currently doing my entry. work has been hell (even on weekends).

idolthoughts, your site is still down, btw.

I havent had a go at one of these before, I hope this fits the bill.

Let me know what you think


thats pretty sweet I like the backround. good job.

Very nice. I’m gonna try it tonight, if I get the time.

Seems like I’ve used that photo before…:stuck_out_tongue: Oh yea I was going to for one of my AP Studio art pieces but drew a tank instead. Nooooww I remember… Hehe.

Oh back on topic… … … … … . … . … …
Ummm…OH YA! Ok if I find time, which I doubt I will, I will give this a go. Good everybody that does join it.:smiley:

Here’s my submission. Comments?

hloy crap that is amazing EX. man great stuff you went with my kinda theme with the government and everything. cant wait to see everyone elses to.

Thanks. Yea, I think it’s a similar theme.

so is anyone else going to submit a piece here or not.