Just want to brag a bit

I got a new internet connection and I can now download at 420k a second and upload at over 80k a second.

I am so over joyed right now :thumb:!!!

lol, Fiber Optic?

nice! :beam:

I sure wish my isp would double everything like comcast did.

Lucky you man! I’d kill to have that upload. Now I’m stuck at 12 kbps on average. :frowning:

Well I just got dsl so I’m happy :thumb:

My god i love my Cable connection!

i have adelphia…my download speed is great…but my upload is only like 30k/sec :frowning: although they claim it can hit 60…i’ve never seen it…

ive got RCN, and they recently upgraded our connection speed for literally nothing(which rocks pretty hard), so download speeds are around 400kbps, i’m not sure about upload speed.

I’ve got BBB…Download 10 Mbit, Upload 1 Mbit :thumb:

I have only have dsl with super-sucking upload speed :frowning:

I don’t know about all this techno [email protected] Is 576kbps fast or slow? It’s DSL so it better be fast. All I know is that I can download mp3s in about a minute each.

Isn’t anyone going to answer me? ^^^See above.^^^

be patient little fella
576kbit/s is faster than isdn (64kbit/s or 128kbit/s), but if you compare it with a 10 Mbit/s (==10000 kbit/s (anyone abled to tell me if it’s 10000 or 10240 kbit/s ?)) which would be something like a T3 connection, 576kbit/s is slooooow

<- has a DSL Flatrate with 768 kbits/s and is happy with that

I know how happy you are since I swtiched to cable visions I can download at 2 mg/second and upload around 120kb :slight_smile:

Wow! That’s pretty **** fast!

I just love the new download speed, I have downlaoded movies from IGN that used to go at like 130k a second at 430k a second now! It’s awesome :slight_smile:

$%!")&% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

still on a 28.8kps modem :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:



One thing that gets to people over here is that you can get broadband for about $17 USD for unlimited downloads but they dont read the small print and there is a 200mb download limit, which would explain the low price.

oh god, that would suck…

That would kill some people with just email!

Holy Jesus