tellTarget question

I know this probably sounds simplistically stupid, but I can’t figure out what to put as a target name for the tellTarget script.

For example: tellTarget (“movieName”)

Where do I define “movieName”?

On both the Tell Target tutorial and the Advanced Rollover tutorial, I can’t figure out where the names are coming from (/cheese and /rollover).

I know there is a simple answer to this.


the target name is the name of the MovieClip that you want to perform the actoin.

/cheese is the name of the cheese MovieClip. tellTarget ("/cheese") is telling the MC cheese to perform the action. You define these names by giving the MovieClips Instance names in the Instance panel. CONTROL+I i believe…

Any instance you want in a MC? How does it know where/what level?

Look at the Advanced Rollover tutorial. There is no instance nor movie clip named “/rollover”. How does it know?


if it is at the main level put _root. in front of the MC or if not then direct it to that level. If you are just doing something simple then you shouldn’t need to do anything more in depth than level1.

Yes its any MC. you just have to define the instance name.

Menu option “Window/Panel/Instance”

If you have a movie clip selected the field in that panel will open up and allow you to define the “instance” name.