Advanced Rollover - Tell Target - Help

Hello,\r\rI am trying the advanced Rollover using tell target tutorial. \r\rA question for anyone who has completed this: making the movie_actions is quite easy as are the buttons. Adding the code seems easy enough, but the tutorial doesn’t mention if you drag a copy of the movie_actions onto the stage and position it. I assume this is so. The reason I ask is, in the downloadable FLA it is already on the stage. If I delete it and then drag another copy out, I get a warning :Target Not Found: Target =:/Rollover" Base =" _Level10" - any one have any ideas? This keeps occurring when I use my own files from scratch too.\r\rCheers,\r\rSteve

Any movie clip can be tageted… and in fact you can drag as many copies of a movie clip to the stage and target each on separately. Targeting is done with the “instance” name of the movie clip, not the library name.\r\rTo enter an instance name, select the movie clip instance on the stage, open the “Instance” panel, and enter a unique name into the field there.\r\rThen when you want the movie clip to do something you call to that “instance” name.

Thanks upuaut8,\r\rYep, that was the problem - I didn’t have the “instance” name for the movie clip so the Tell Target couldn’t find it.\r\rThanks again,\r\rSteve

failure to create an instance name is 90% of the problems I encounter with regard to movie clip control.

ever noticed when you know you put in the instance name and some how it disappears?

Flash 5 used to do that to me alot, i haven’t really experienced it with MX yet.

as a matter of fact, MX is really good at making textbox names disappear.\r\rpom 0]

yeah… i’ve noticed that too. very strange. I guess that’s just one of those fobles that you get used to looking for if something doesn’t work.