The Best of Soul

Hey why have the smilies started going randomly out of order? :scream:

Me no like it! Me no like change! :bad::scream:

  • Soul :goatee:

There aint no snow where I am :beam: It never snows here!

How come you never do any real work Kit? lol, what they paying you for? :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw an advert for Churchill last night, for the website. Do you make the whole website or do you just do it for your branch?

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Well I’m a ‘brit’ and I’ve never heard of it and I dont think, sorry :beam:

  • Soul :goatee:

Dam**n america

Heh kiddin :beam:

  • Soul :goatee:

Alrite I know that it doesn’t HAVE to be straight lines, but you know…


hits self with a large trout

hits Guig0 with a larger trout just for the hell of it :wink:

  • Soul :goatee:

That’s kinda sexual :wink:

*Originally posted by anny-may *
You cannot merge a thread with itself
That’s kinda kinky :wink:

At least Soul likes to talk to himself. . . .


it’s the only way he can get an answer he understands :wink:

I particularly like the post he picked out saying that I never do any work… :sure:

(gr…this is a Best Of…not a ‘comments on the best of’!)

Oh lordy! I’m not doing this by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

really ?

hilarious !!! =)

who did that ?

harhar :thor::love::soul:


“lol :P”


“Eww!! You spread butter where!?!”

“Haha :love:”

"I don’t hear the voices, but I do see their faces saying them! Good question "


waves :beam:”