The Best Way To Learn MAX!

Ok, i (and i think some others too) have been trying to learn MAX for a bit now. But i havent been able to find a(ny) real good tutorial(s), well i hit the mother load! THE MAX HELP FILES! This is the most in depth tuts you can find ANYWHERE! for anyting. it teaches every aspect so well. try them, they WORK!

I dont like to read :frowning: If you find a tutorial with just pictures of what to click, etc… send it this way :trout:

I go after tut’s that teaches the specific thang I need done… or err… wanna do… :sure:

Dude I told you about the max help files like 3 weeks ago. They have the best help files of any program I have used very in depth.

lol 3d yeah now that i think about it you did…lol…i just never saw the link that said Tutorials…so i thought you were loco…lol :beam:. but yeah, and O, they DO have pics!

ill give you a good tip,

go to , sign up and request the FREE!! tutorial cds, for max, maya , houdini, so on and so forth or you could go to the download section and start downloading.

post that link in the tuts sticky.

DUDE!!!..that has to be the best portal I have ever been to (aside from here hug)… You can customize every ■■■■ thing. Pretty good stuff there thanks for the 411