The Difference?

Okay, so I recently started getting more, and more into 3D using 3ds Max. It’s nice, semi-simple, and I understand how to use it. But now I see all this stuff about C4D… what is that? Is it better than 3ds Max? If not, what qualities does it have that might make it a better choice for me to use above 3ds Max? Can anyone help me out? Do you think I should stick with 3ds Max, or switch, or can you tell me the pros and cons of both of them, so I can make an educated descision? I thought I’d come here to ask, since I figured I would be able toget a moderately unbiased census from people who use these tools regularly…
Anyway, any input is much apreciated. :smiley:

Cinema 4D is another 3d application although it is a great program in the long run it is just not as powerful as 3D studio Max. I honestly have never worked with C4D myself so I dont know what features it does and doesnt have but from what I have heard. I am pretty sure there was a post not to long ago on what the best 3d program was try a couple pages back should be somewhere around there. Hope I helped.

If you feel comfortable with 3Dmax, stay with it. 3DMax is very powerful and has great rendering using Mental Ray. Cinema4D has also the same capabilties but creates great rendering with abstract art work and 3d Modelling. If you have seen Ya3’s or Desire’s work, thats through C4D.

Cool, thanks :smiley: I think I’ll stick with what I know…:beam:

Even though you don’t see a lot of what 3DSM can do here on this forums - I can ensure you that 3DSM is purely amazing and powerful. If you start to get the hang of it and take your time and model things with patience, learn physics of lighting and shading - you’ll create what movie 3d animators can :).

But remember, it’s not what you have, it’s what you can do with it :thumb:.

but it’s still “what you have” :wink:

can’t make something with it if ya don’t have it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh screw you and your “vray”. All that talk I just did went in the trash.

Thanks :crazy:.



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