3DSMAX or Cinema 4d!?

Hey guys, I was wondering, which software should I get, 3DSMAX or Cinema 4d? Can anyone tell me if certain things are better in one of them? Suppose I wanted to model an X-Wing, would it be easier in 3DS or C4D?


the best adivce you could possibly get is by going to there sites and downloading the trial versions :wink: check older topic’s for most peoples comments.

i think i would go c4d well because i do abstract more then modeling. im not sure how good c4d is for modeling but like the i said just try the trail versions out.

neither…If you have to ask strangers for advice when the programs are available for download. You need not do anything but beat yourself with your keyboard…lol…

i like c4d :smiley: you can find heaps of c4d stuff in my dA gallery: http://ya3.deviantart.com/gallery

i personally could not come to self-learn any other 3d package. i tried all of them; maya, 3dsmax, lightwave, softimage… err… rhino… even blender :slight_smile: but as soon as i opened c4d… it just came to me. i dunno… maybe cos its just so easy to learn :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways… c4d is really good. especially its point-point-bridge modelling system. oh, and make sure you get the Studio Bundle, which includes the Advanced Renderer.

I couldn’t have said it better. You’ll love how C4D is easy to handle. Well on the other hand it’s not as powerful (does not have as many render plugins for example) and does not have as many users (but it costs less).

You should go to a 3D specific forum to get to know more imo.

Just try the programs for Christ Sakes…One mans trash is another mans treasure. That is why you should never take another mans opinion. Hell I fell in love with a 100 dollar modeler.

I’ll stick with C4D… the problem is not so many tutorials lol…

experiment :slight_smile:

c4dportal.com has some good tuts. :smiley:

and why are u laughing??? lol j/k :wink:

I saw last week in a magazine store I dont remember the name of the mag but it had a CD with the full software of C4D and I dont know why I didnt buy it, one of most stupid things I ever did :frowning:

chech the topmost thread of the d&d section…