The GMT time for kirupaforums is wrong?

Now before you all say “No it’s not you fool!” please take a look. According to all the clocks in my house it is currently 16:40 and I am in England - GMT + nothing.

I had my time settings in my user CP set to that and it was saying that a post I made a few minutes ago was posted at 2 something or other PM. That’s a whole two hours off…

I’m not pointing any fingers but is it just me or is the time for GMT (London, Lisbon, etc.) off a little?


Yeah it is. We know about it, but we’re not quite sure why… :slight_smile:

something to do with the server… just correct it by selecting a different timezone. :slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks for the info.


I think we need the 2 hours + one - South Africa.

Hehe i always wondered about that, thought i was just going mad!!! :crazy:

screw me - i use to live by that clock :trout:

aahgr nevermind. computer times always ssuck… I mean i keep loosing a minute each day with the clock inside my cpu… It’s totalyy stupid


make sure your bios battery is good! That is a major red flag for the battery going dead, then your motherboard is useless…


uh oh! lol. i loose time every now an then. not usually though

a bunch of us got together once and built several new boxes together, in order to save $$. One guy got a bad battery. So this is kinda from experience.

The lengths we used to have to go to, in order to get a decent reliable computer for a decent price ($1800)…

You guys just now getting good at this stuff are so fortunate to have the prices you do…


yeah i bet. but thats technology. so if the battery is going do you need a new motherboard or bios?

this guy had to buy a new motherboard, since the battery’s “clamp”, that held it to the motherboard, was riveted, yes riveted togethere, there was no way he could willingly repair the board (he wasn’t about to start soldering on a motherboard… we were just starting out). Easier to buy a new MB, I guess…