omg Hhhahahaha

maybe its a old vid. first time i see it :nerd:

ROFL…people with way too much time on their hands…lolololololol

i think thats from a movie called “kung pow” enter the fist
I think… not entirely sure on the title
hella funny tho, especially the ending

Haha!! Thats awesome!! :beam: laughs

watches it again

  • Soul :s:

28 - your right, that’s from the movie “kung pow - enter the fist”

one of the dumbest movies ever… but good for a laugh or two :slight_smile:

hehe i only seen that film last night i thought it was pretty funny especially the beginning with the baby soooo funny :slight_smile:

yeah kung pow was pretty dumb… It was a kentucky fried movie wanna be but just couldnt pull through, sometimes taking the kungfu parody a little too far lol but there are some great scenes in there like that. My favorite is in the beginning when hes a baby …and he rolls down the hill… then the lady get him and is like “aww little baby … there ya go” and rolls him down the hill again lol

[edit] haha yeah teed knows what Im saying (got to it before me)[/edit]


that’s retarded.

You know what’s retarded?
Is me and my friends watching the movie that that is from 21 times. (one time we watched the WHOLE movie in FAST FORWARD, ISN’T THAT LAME?!?!?) We love that movie

lol yah that movie is funny

Alpha, remember when we watched it like 3 times in a row on the sleep-over?

“chicken go cluck cluck cow go moo i want to be an animal just like yooo” quoted from kung pow


chicken go cluck cluck cow go moo i want to be an animal just like yooo… leemers go click click click, …

that was funny
gopher chucks

hmmmmmm why recowded?