The Official kirupaForum Finals/Midterms Rant Thread

Well, finals are actually going smoother as I thought. As of now, i’ve downed four exams, getting ready to take my fifth, and will probably wing the last one. But…

[r]I really hate my Multivariable calc teacher for being so **** boring. As a result, I didn’t learn anything in class, skipped, and developed a certain disguist for the subject. 12 hours before the test, I had to teach myself everything from the semester.

I also hate physics because my professor is such a grade Nazi. The average on all of his tests are 50-60%. I’m really looking forward to seeing this final exam, which also so happens to be at 7:45 AM on Thursday!!! Which will mean i’ll have to get up especially early to take an exam i don’t want to take, knowing i’m not gonna pass the class anyway. Yargh![/r]

That felt kinda good :slight_smile:

How’s your week going guys?