The official 'what did you do for xmas' thread

I slept in until 11, to find that Santa (Sven) had delivered me some top notch speakers, he made a half-joke that at least now he gets to listen to “terrible Momus” through a good sound system. My present for him hadn’t arrived yet (I ordered it on the net 4 weeks ago!), lounged around for a while, played some tony hawk, cooked a beef wellington to take to my auntie’s.

Went to my auntie’s made conversation with my cousin and her a-bit-too-hot-boyfriend. Took lots of photos of my nephew, generally had a surprisingly nice time with my relatives, came home, played some tony hawk (through good speakers), drank/drinking some wine, read kirupa, about to check my emails…

Let’s hear every detail of your drudgery :smiley:

Happy Festivus :party: