The Resolution

Unflux, I will change my site around to appease you, are you happy?!

You’re an ******* and I hope someone somewhere recognizes this and shows you what it’s like.

I spent hours and hours on end making this layout, and while everyone else is complimenting my design, you are playing the doubtful bastard that you are saying that it’s a rip.

This is by no means over, and you have not won.

I have lost all respect for you as an artist, designer, or person in general.

Good luck with your corrupt ways of thinking, they won’t get you far ahead in life.

Hey pixelmorder you where calling Unflux immature for accusing u of copying his desgin. It seems you are the immature with all your posts and your sig and avater. Unflux had made it clear he had droped the issue and was moving on but u seem to want to drag it out. Would you mind growing up and moving on like everyone else has done.

Serious man you are looking really bad and losing alot of respect acting this way. Nobody else has went as far as to insult and make jokes about this in other threads. Draging this issue out(which is dead by the way) only brings this board down. I think every one will apprectiate if you jsut move on.


I have changed your sig. Please change your title as a sign of good faith.

Please stop calling people names, and starting inflamatory threads. If you wish to continue this, please take it out of the forum.

This will stop now.




Although I will change my layout, it won’t be for a while.

Is this where you shut up? This is never gonna be dead, you have no clue how much I despise Unflux, this is his second time accusing me of ripping! He’s an ******* and a *****.

But I really am an accused ripper, can’t i keep the title? Pretty please :slight_smile: Alrighty I’ll change it.