The Ultimate UNWAR Thread


I come here to get away from all that, and now all I see and hear
is war this and war that…rather annoying on a flash board. :bad:

ok i feel better. 8]

edit; pj (title change Unphlux) :slight_smile:

i feel like talking about nothing, because everyone hates me now :sigh:

what you mean?

Unlfux - dont ask him… it’s not worth it.

And I agree man, we need to talk about something else :slight_smile:

So how is your place coming?? Any new pictures!?

just the one from yesterday…u see that yet? Spent 3 hrs cleaning the entire area. Looks great now…

Framing begins tomorrow. :beam:

I’ll be posting that pic at the end of the day tomorrow. Most of
the walls should be in basic-place by then.

here ya go, I bumped it up for ya:

Hey everyone, I think I’m gonna leave for a while… I’ll probably come back after a few weeks or something. I’m leaving because this place is being filled with pointless spam(like this post). I know I spam a hell-a-lot too, so that’s partly why I’m leaving. It’s been fun everyone, oh and if I’ve pissed any of u guys off too much in my stay here I’m sorry. If anyone wants to talk or anything E-mail or AIM me. Also go to my site every once and a while and check up on it. On the off chance that I do post something, it’s not going to be here in Random, I doubt I will anywhere although.

Sorry for my final spam. Cya guys

s’gonna look good unflux, great work so far :slight_smile: g’luck framing tomorrow

im sorry if it was me… see ya in the future… ;(

c ya 28

its been fun knowing you

yeah i think im also gonna be leaving. lately the mods and everyone have been real inconsiderate and messed, and im gonna leave anyways. i need to concintrate on school, and i dont need this forum blocking my achivements, i can get nothing out of it anymore…:scream:
this was my first time in the random section, and its been my worst time in the forums. people have been lashing on me and accusing me of spamming, when i am just trying to make people feel good and say sorry to them.
i had a thread saying i was gonna leave, but electron deleted it ( this is what im talking about)
so its been good, (see ya all the guys who have been nice to me)
my aim in uncleguito666 , so talk to ya soon! ;(



can´t blame you guito…

c ya and come back some time

Speaking of spring cleaning, I need to format my computer today. For some reason, IE pages freeze for no apparent reason - it is quite annoying.

Kirupa :wink:

good luck with that Kirupa. I also need to do a fresh one soon.
Lots of little weird things happening with officeXP for me…locking,
stalling, shutting down in the middle of things! :bad:

windows is easily confused and disturbed :!:

[size=1]Visual: Bilbo running about frantic trying to find precious[/size]

-JMO- :wink:

Yeah guys… I wouldn’t leave just yet… (even tho I might take a few days off)… Mine is more for personal reasons… :slight_smile:

But alas… It will get back to the way it was… We all know this… Where good unspammed threads will rise to the top again in their full glory…

The Anti-SPAM Wars III have begun folks… So grab yourself a ham sandwich and hold on to your cheeselogs.