Things you say that you shouldn't

I’ve noticed lately, as my employment has sort of forced me to, that I say (and sometimes write) a lot of things that aren’t really proper and there’s no real excuse for them.

Such things include:
gonna, shoulda, woulda, wanna, and gotta. I realize after I say any of these that I sound like a complete hick. I’ve been trying to curb it with moderate success.

My mom’s side of the family says crick instead of creek, warsh instead of wash, and other such nonsense. Luckily I missed out on those.

Also I swear like a sailor (they swear often, apparently) around friends and sometimes family. Not sure if I feel bad about that one or not.

Anyway, thought it would be interesting to see what other weird, and generally dumb, things you all say so I can feel better about myself or perhaps cause me to notice more of my very miniscule flaws.