Time Extended Again

Spoke with Blinking8s - said that Billy Bussey team is in the same boat we are - people getting piled on at work and others going on vacation -

so take this as an opportunity to shine everyone - we agreed we would like to see quality rather than crap - so go to it!

Is there a final deadline ?

or what you could do is offer different deadlines for the different contests. I know for the 3d one I am going to need some time. SInce my model is pulling double duty I got to run it through the pipeline. I wont have time to make 2 different models (I am still in the sketch/conept stage but I know where I am taking it). Unless Ironik wants to step back in?

So, what is the deadline like Voets said?

Man, another extension… that’s cool though since I havne’t gotten a chance to start cause of 12hrs shifts at work and crap clients :frowning:

Oh, well I was gonna do the logo 2hrs b4 the deadline anyway :wink:

lol nice-

deadline: looking like the end of this month. use that as your target.

Ok, perfect.

I was on BB and it says that the deadline is the 26th? That’s what I gathered.

yeah just talked to blinking about it yesterday i think it was - you will be able to submit your work starting next monday(26) - you will have until the end of the week to get it submitted.

Ummm… I was just informed yesterday that my opponent Jnicklo has forfeit the logo design. So that is an automatica point for us. However I was thinking that, I could have it called as a draw to save him some face… I dunno :slight_smile:

There is no “saving face” in War soldier…lol…That is a kind gesture. But I think that compassion is wasted on a person of his caliber.

Hahar, one down, 9 to go ! :bad:

lol - simp - just turn yours in tho so we look good lol-

hey flash intro is asking for his entry to be over 30 seconds - wants to run it by his opponent tho to make sure its ok before he does it?


Do we have an exact date for deadline? If it’s tomorrow (26th) there’s no way I can get it done. However, later in the week is perfect. I was really thrown off by an emergency with my mom right before leaving for vaction. I don’t want to anyone down, just being honest. I have so much work to do, as we all do. I just want to plan some time for this.

I have 0 seconds out of [ insert designated goal here ] done. Considering I found out about this late and have been working 50 hour weeks while preparing for my law school internship tomorrow is way too early.

I drop out. Sorry team.

as it stands we have until next sunday to get our work submitted,

but you can start submitting tomorrow if you are done - i said this a while ago ya’ll.

How do we submit ? Just post a zip in here or what ?
Oh another thing … since voting is going to be anonymous, I suppose it’s gonna be a problem that my footer submission has my logo in it ?

Sorry to hear that Dan. But if that’s the way it has to be, then so be it. Guess that makes the competition even again: 9-9.

All depends, if I find the time I will get it done.

What is the very latest date I can submit? The 31st?

Where can I find information about the Flash Intro specs? Like dimensions, file size, and programs that are allowed to be used.

  1. 10-30 second Flash Intro - Self explanitory

telekinesis vs. ardxiv

Theme: intro for the Kirupa vs. Billy Bussey battle

Size: 600x338 (no file size limitations)

I guess there aren’t any limitations in the programs used.

very latest the first of august before midnight