Time travel thought

If the past has a way to exist, and you travel to it. Perhaps you will end up frozen in a still frame.

If the past has a way to exist and you travel to it, then it is no longer the past.

Think about it.


Ok so it becomes the present for the traveler, but could there be no playhead here to move you in to the next frame

I read the end of this conversation last week.


Every time you jump through time, you enter a parallel universe :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve tried all those lines… don’t seem to work as well without the time machine.

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This is how i justify the most disturbing aspect of them all, why john connor is a different actor in every single terminator…although it still doesnt make sence

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i dont understand the logic of your proposition, there couldn t be this posibility, or is a small statistic posibili, why frozone and not a hotter, from where did you assume that will be frozen?

Can you restate what you are trying to say? :notebook:

Its like, how can it be colder? Why not warmer? But seriously colder?

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I know I can’t say this because I live in CA, but, that’s how I feel now!

Weirdly I didn’t think about this stuff when I lived in much colder climates.

If you travel through time, could it be that you land in a parallel universe where your actions won’t have any bearing on the universe you left behind? :space_invader:

That sounds a lot like the passage of regular time too

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If you travel in the speed of light, you would not experience any time flow. The beginning and end of universe would be the same timewise. This is called blocktime.

So both past and future exists in the scientific explanation.

According to ‘science’ the illusion of time is created by our memories.(memories perhaps created outside universe? This cannot be…)

I would say, based on this, that it is very plausible we would be caught in a still frame going back in time. Since we did not travel to a position in space and time continously remembering our previous point in time, since we do not exist in the moment thereafter.

In order to travel back in time with lifelike properties, one would need to rearrange full time space segment. Naturally then, there would be no free will, since we had to stage everything.

(Hmm, this solves the time travel paradox, since a timetravel of this sort would have no effect on the future… interesting)

Edit: Aha! There is a hidden dualism in modern science, we asume that information is free, as in freely distributed in universe although delayed by the speed of light, while matter is not free. We belive that while we would not be allowed to travel back in our own past, our body would be allowed to travel and make information exchange with a parallel past. It is the emerging paradox of mind and soul all over again.

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Future museum :
“Tbo solved the time travel paradox…he couldnt finish this shitty cell phone game though”

Edit: woops it looks like i marked this thread as solved. Well, no going back now, looks like backwards time travel is solved

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You did solve it for me. (I guess I could construct a mental mini-museum of you :slight_smile: )

I can never again view time as a dimension after your “still image” time travel example. There must be a fundamental flaw in modern reasoning of time and dimensions. Blocktime is an absurd thought and so is the thought of time as ordering of memories.

If Michio Kaku or anyone else ever tries to convince me of “time as a dimension”, I will tell them of tbo from kirupa forum and the still image time travel example.

Michio Kaku: -"You can walk back and forth in time"
Me: -“Sure, but in what dimension would you walk in? Let me tell you this little example…”

Listening on Michio Kaku “Coast to coast”, I heard that there is a string theory pushed from Harvad, that contains two time-dimensions, not one. It is somewhat controversial though in the 11 or 12 dimensions they anticipate in string theory.

Sure, then you could travel in one of the time-dimensions and jump out in another time-location and not be caught in a still frame. What do you say about that? Two time dimensions? Does that sound plausible?

(I must say, I’m inclined to believe that there are 2 or more time dimensions…)

string theory dimensions aren’t time dimensions though, are they?

2 sounds a little limiting. I guess it could make more sense to me if the second dimension is like “dark time”, a la dark matter. Its the time dimenion nega senocular lives.

Not all of them no… they seem to deal with gravity most, not sure?

If I had a plumber at home and he said this, I think that would mean Einstein made a bad job?

Note that string theory does not predict that the Einstein equations are obeyed exactly. Perturbative string theory adds an infinite series of corrections to the Einstein equation.

Imagen a plumber saying that, infinite corrections…that would be expensive.