Time Travel

Ok, I know in the U.S. we change our clocks back an hour…

Which makes me wonder about the possiblities of traveling back in time. It IS possible and it happens once a year! I had an epiphany. I was watching a show, and went to see what was on next and found that 1:00a came twice. This thus proves that we did Indeed travel back in time. Im pondering though that since we traveled only one hour no one noticed. But what if we turned our clocks back so far, like 100 years. I have a theory that we would adpot 1902 style clothing and technology. This would cause a global regress 100 years.

Wait… no that wouldnt happen.

or would it…?

do do do do … twilight zone theme


Yeah, but if you think about it, when the same time comes around again, and you watch tv, the same episode of whatever you were watching doesn’t play again.

Instead it is usually infomercials or some other episode to replace it.

Soooooo, I think the whole world has to collaborate with the same time and then turn the clocks back for this theory to work :stuck_out_tongue:

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hmm, good point, but i think the battery companies snychronize this effort…

They make batteries that go dead at a certin time, so when youy go buy new ones, it like ,re-sets the clocks back at… the… ok i really have no idea what im saying, im sticking with my original theory lol =)



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Thats great :slight_smile:

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It got lost :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes im totally familiar with Most of the Time Travel theories, but mine is silly in nature therefore WILL WORK! Mwhaha! =)

Besides we’re always traveling thru time, but the direction is only forward.

Art Bell had on a guest who claimed to have a time machine. It was a giant power coil of some sort which he was to walk through when it was all powered up. So he gets on Coast to coast, powers up the device, walks through it, and vaporizes.
anyone taking bets that he’s blown his molecules across the cosmos? :slight_smile:

I have faith that we’ll discover the trick to this, believe it or not. Physics is wild stuff, and we are just breaking through the locks now. What form it will take, (ie if you can go back only, or both directions; wether you can change things or not. etc) I wont speculate on; but I’m convinced that it’s probable tech.

I can see that theory as could be relevant…

Some people argue though, if we can achieve time travel, we would have been visited already. However its likely that history has been altered but we would never know it because this is Our History. Just time travel have some very odd Paradoxes, and some that i deem kinda borderline insane and off the wall…


Oh and also i read something that someone dis-proved Einstien’s E=mc^2 formula. Which if true, is awesome because that means we , in theory, can go faster than the speed of light, once we achieve that, time travel is close at hand. =)

in my mind anyway…

I pretty much think time travel would be a one way trip.
Theoretically if you go fast enough time will slow down, and stop and reverse… As a result your stuck in the past… you cant go Faster to return to the present, so something else must make time travel possible.

Unless time is defined by alternate universes, and you’d have to create some sort of tunnel and maybe possible to travel back and forth.

20 years by your time. And you are traveleing the speed of light.

20 years in your time at the speed of light is equal to 15,000 years of the time here on Earth.

So double that and you get 30,000 years.

Science is my area… I love it oh so much.

Math unfortunately was my worst subject ever…sigh. I am not sure if I can break it all down into a tiny formula.

Maybe Einstein will come back and do it for me? That would rock, just let me travel back and ask him :beam:

Maybe this will help…


It is a link on this Time Dilation theory thing. Very interesting indeed. I have never really read up on it, but I have heard of it.

That made absolutely zero sense to me…

How about when you travel to Australia, and you gain a day? So you leave on the 21st and arrive on the 23rd or something?

There’s just too many variables in this for me to handle right now… :frowning:

Pretty tired…

But yeah, pj, your math is easier to understand… :slight_smile:

you guys rock!
I wish I had something wize to say about time travel…:-\
I love sciense and physics :slight_smile:

phil: Every time someone travels back in time they create a ripple that ‘ripples’ through the material creation. Every living thing feels it. And many of the higher life forms realize that they were bumped back a second or two in time, YET they realize this as a ‘deja vu’ experience.

the longest deja vu thingy that I have felt was about 2-3 minutes :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: This si soo exciting, yet I don’t know nothing about physics… sciense …and… stuff…
I have heard about the “E=mc2” thiny but I have absolutlety no idea what that is… :slight_smile:

eilsoe: There’s just too many variables in this for me to handle right now…

Same here :slight_smile:

I get deja vu at least 3 times a week. Literally.

I have had it last about 2 minutes. And I have had it where I sort of knew what was going to happen.

It is very weird… I hate deja vu.