Title Doesn't Show

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <title>Farley's Page</title>
I have to clear snow today ►►►

Why do I not see the title in my browser (Safari) window? The text in the body comes through but I thought that this code would show the title somewhere as well but as you can see in the screenshot, it doesn’t seem to.

What is going on? This is 2X now that I have copied code from Visual Studio Code and tried to paste it into my posting but it doesn’t seem to go into the content of the post so in desperation, I’m doing a screenshot of the code as well -

I don’t think Safari displays the title if you only have one tab open.

You have to format your code. You can do this with three backticks surrounding your code like this:

-- your code here --

I have updated your first post adding the formatting in for your code.

If you only have one tab and don’t see the title, you can force the tab to show (where the title appears) using

View > Show Tab Bar

OK so I see how I should have used “Show Tab Bar” in Safari to display the title as written in the code. That part I am now OK with.
Now I have another issue - I have Live Server installed on VSC and yet when I save the code in VSC, nothing happens in the browser window. As you can see, the title is still “The Presidential Election” whereas with the code I have saved, it should be “Farley’s Page”. In other words, changes made in the code then saved, don’t get reflected in the browser window. Why not?

You’ll have to reload the page so that it can see and read the new file contents. Normally once a page is loaded, it reads what’s in the file at the time it was loaded and then completely ignores the file no matter what happens to it. You could delete the file and the webpage will still be there. Its all kept in memory… that is until you reload/refresh the page. When you do that, you’re telling the browser to read the file again and only then will it see any changes that were made.

There are some more complicated setups that can automatically reload the browser for you when things change, and even more complicated setups that will even inject code into the page to dynamically apply updates without reloading, but I don’t think you’d have anything like that set up (or you’d see the changes as you’d expect).

So I must have done something out of sequence or omitted some crucial step that led me to have the problem I just described because now that I have followed these steps -
- write this code in VSC

The Inner Planets Saturn Neptune Uranus Pluto ``` - save code - control / click on page and choose "Open With Live Serve" - this opens the web browser window - from this point on, any change in the title or body once saved, is automatically reflected in the browser window

This was my problem previously - that I would make changes - save - and nothing happened in the browser window but adhering to the steps above, I am getting the changes I expect so I guess that Live Server is now doing the reload for me automatically once I save the change in VSC. So I think I’m OK with this now - thanks for your insights!