Title Graphic for New Site:

This is something I’m making for the new section of Billy Bussey’s site that me and another experienced PHP/MYSQL guy will be working on, I did it in a bout 10-15 minutes, but its a title banner so I don’t think it needs to be too flashy:

Contests are fashionable, it seems… But it looks great, Dan. I love the colors. I’m just wondering why we can see the sign on the left clearly and not the font.

pom :asian:

yeah. did u do that in photoshop?

100% Photoshop

very good! i love it. i need to find a good font site,anybody got anything?:q:

mike :cyclops:

Hmm, somehow I managed to post this answer in the wrong thread, so here it is again. Try looking at www.1001freefonts.com for some good fonts.

Neaty! :stuck_out_tongue:

(trendsetting)… caca-cucu!! :crazy: