Top 11 reasons Dubya wants to go to the moon

Top 11 reasons Dubya wants to go to the moon.

  1. Even his imagination is 40 years behind.

  2. His ranch has even more barren landscapes than those used to film the “moon landings” at LBJ’s.

  3. Just finished reading “Goodnight, Moon.”

  4. Halliburton lobbying to “rebuild” it.

  5. Running out of places not to find Saddam Hussein, bin Laden, the Anthrax killer, the White House traitor, the Prescription Drug Plan briber…

  6. No need to set up free speech zones when he arrives.

  7. Couldn’t think of a less useful scientific endeavor.

  8. Need to find more places to export American jobs.

  9. Scientists whom Bush cites to refute global warming also believe the moon is made of crude oil and beer.

  10. It’s the perfect test for his hydrogen-powered car.

  11. It’s faster, cheaper and easier than getting out of Iraq.