Join the United States tomorrow as it pays tribute to the September 11th tragedy; exactly six months from the date.

John F Kennedy once said something along the lines that problems that are man-made can be solved by man. I hope he was right. I hope the world can live up to the expectations that the good people dream it to be.

Let this day be a reminder of hope, but also something greater. Let it be a reminder of hope that is remembered everyday.

Live your life with love.


edited because I’m an @$$


I’ve got some pretty strong opinions on the subject and the validity of our involvement in foreign afairs. I edited out my comment out of respect, which I do have, for the the men and women who died on September 11th.

Just because I predicted that this might happen, and just because I feel that the government, hence the people, are somewhat to responsible for this sort of thing happening, I do not feel that I should belittle innocent people who died for nothing more than attempting to work with this pretty good system we’ve got.

My prayers go out to all the Firefighters, Police, and civilians who’s lives were sacrificed so that the rest of us can live more free than most of the world.