Trying to design a "futuristic" look

I know what I want it to look like, but I’m not sure how to make it do what I want! :slight_smile:

You’ve seen those sites that has like a computer board, or wires, or something like that, and every now and again, a ball of electricity, or light or whatever, crosses it…

Well I have a chip, and I know how to do a motion tween, but somehow, it just doesn’t look right. I think it is because it doesn’t look like electricity, just a white blob of color… It’s silly I know, but do y’all have any suggestions?

Suggestion 1: Make sure it isn’t a solid blob:) Have its alpha value around 40 or so, that way you can see through it, but still see it. If you have photoshop you could do the “gleam” effect in there, and save it as a .png so you don’t have to worry about alpha values and you can get a nice sparkle effect.

Suggestion 2: Electricity travels fast. If you make it move too slow it might give it a cheesy fake look. But if you make it go too fast, then that isn’t good either.

Since I don’t know exactly how you are doing the motion, these are just suggestions as to ways to make it look real.

Maybe post your .fla or .swf (or both) in a .zip file and attach it to your post, then we can take a look at what exactly you are doing, then we can offer better suggestions. If you don’t want to attach it to your post, can you upload it to a server and put a link here?

I think I got something that looks fairly decent now, thanks :slight_smile: I just did something simpler and it looks pretty cool.

On an unrelated note (well it technically is related in a way ;)), is there any way to import an HTML file into flash, or do i have to redo all html pages i wish to do in flash…? that would be a pain so if there’s an “easy” way that would be the best thing to do…

I guess I should add that i am 99.99999999999999% sure that there is no way to do this… just thought i’d ask in case there’s been a breakthrough that i didn’t know about. :slight_smile:

Sorry, no html file imports for Flash. You can have HTML enabled text, but that only allows for basic text formatting tags such as bold, italic, underline, font size, font, font color, etc.

So that little extra space you have between 99.99999999999999% and 100% is filled with HTML text:P

i kinda figured…

is there any way to enter in the text in the text box and have it be html? like even when i select the “HTML text” tag or whatever it is, it displays it as plain text, rather than html… however if i type the html into the text box’s htmlText property in actionscript, it works fine… is this just the way it is or am i doing something wrong on GUI side?

Nope, the text HAS to be entered through actionscript or an outside .txt file. You can read up on Dynamically Loaded Text here…

You can edit some of the coding to make it allow HTML text.