Tutorial Topic Suggestions?

Hello everyone,
Does anyone have any suggestions for tutorials that should be posted on the site? I don’t want to write about topics that everyone already knows hehe. If you have a tutorial request, don’t hesitate to post it. All the future tutorials I write will be based largely upon your input!


how about making a form with the components and polls etc i could do with stuff like that maybe making stuff like u show in the flash 5 tutorials but in mx

also maybe if u had alot of time on ur hands how to make whole flash sites and games and stuff i could think of loads

:smokin: …mmmmm…i have a lot problems whit flash, like… for some reasons, my flash 5 don work very well before i intal MX… :smokin: then!!..proboK…some simbols error !!like wen you selec the simbol in the library…:smokin: … only whit the mause touch!.. close the program, and is not a program error, couse :smokin: I try it whit other projet…pages, and there work very well… the simbol is a swift 3d, it’s suposse to work… :smokin: … and I find some other program problems, like i can’t delete frames whit press “delete”… i have to press right clic… and those panel unmoviles… i don’t now… i thig, they do change to much big!..:smokin:

werever… do some tutorials, for adaptacion!.. for example whit the new…action scrip panel!.. or some things like tat!..
i realy apreciate!..you work!..my frend…


Okay, i guess now is the time to speak up heh?

These are topics that i think lots of us would be greatful for you to do.

  • More actionscript
  • Swift 3d into Flash
  • Web Page actionscript, like movie to movie and make
    it look good.
  • Integrating sounds, some advanced ways of using sound.
  • Like Mentiond before, forms, and sending information
  • Using CGI/PERL and PHP to use databases.

Of course, i’m asking for alot here, but just you know somethings to touch up on. and little tid bits in between.

Thanks! I will consider those topics. Keep the ideas flowing everyone… :slight_smile:

I forgot one thing.
The elastic effect.
if you get what i mean. like if you pull on something and let it go, it will ack like an elastic and snap back and wiggle.
and also a swinging effect with gravity.

Check this pub40.ezboard.com/fkirupa…=467.topic

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Pom, your tutorial on elasticity is great. I shall add that up tomorrow!

Thanks ! I had trouble explaining everything in English, so if you want to correct anything that would be unclear, be my guest. :smiley:
Maybe I should draw a small sketch to explain it ??

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Kirupa, I love the site…great job and keep up the good work! First off, here’s an idea:

As we all, one of the features of kirupa.com is its ‘site of the week’. Every week I wait in suspense for the site of the week to be put up.

Perhaps something to do would be add a section entitled “Tutorial of the week”. I know there are people out there that’d love to write a tutorial, and maybe even having an insentive like having your tutorial featured (duh…as the site of the week is). Or add a section to the forums entitled “Tutorials” or something to that effect. This can be where people can post tutorials etc. (kinda like sitecheck). Anywho this is just an idea.

Secondly, I would like to see some more tutorials on motion. I think a lot of us wonder how designers like Eric Jordan (2advanced.com) make and encorporate motion animations like they do.

Hey vibedesigner,
That is a really cool idea! I do allow anyone interested to write me a tutorial for me to post. Having a tutorial of the week section would make it easier for people to see some cool tutorials and to submit a tutorial they do have.


so…we’re gonna get to see a “Tutorial of the week” If not it’s cool, but flashkit.com has tutorial submissions (I believe a few of yours have been spotted there). If you don’t make a “Tutorial of the week” section at least make a tutorial forum! :slight_smile:

Hey vibe,
HOw about I do both? That’s a brilliant idea; I never thought of a Tutorial forum. That would make it easier for people to post any tutorials/info for new tutorials. And I shall create the Tutorial of the Week section :slight_smile:


Kirupa… I can do one of these… a beginners tutorial. When I bought Swift I was frustrated for weeks, 'cause no one really tells you how to combine with Flash.

Let me know If I can help.

…“my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father… prepare to die…”

impersonating Kirupa :
Do it, man, please !!! Any tute about Swift would be wellcome, at least by me.

If you have any further comment, feel free to send me a mail.
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edit : Dammit !! I read Swift, not Swish ! Maudit !

Haha, very funny pom :slight_smile:

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I sent kirupa the tutorial for swift/flash. Hope it works out.


“my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

Hey montoya,
The tutorial is really amazing! I’m adding it to my site as we speak.