UI design for BEMS (Building Energy Management System)


hi all :slightly_smiling:

so, as you can all observe from the screenshot below I am trying to achieve a decent design for a lighting control/monitoring page for a BEMS application. I am into engineering mostly so UX design is not my forte here.

I really appreciate if you can give me some feedback and tips on how I can improve the design of this page.

I only could upload a screenshot since, the software I am using is Trend 963 supervisor which is kind of specialised.

Regarding the background which is the frame of the page, background colour and logos are to stay untouched as they match with other pages in the system, however I can fully modify the rest: Fonts, colours, sizes, ‘grey underlines’ colours of buttons etc…

thanks a lot for your time :slightly_smiling:



Hi Brandon,
I like the font and the layout. But in my opinion you should pay more attention to colours you used there - when you choose a particular one it starts to have its own place and meaning and you should stick to it.
Cheers and good luck,


thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

What colour would you alter/modify from buttons and font?


I would definitely change the golden/bronze one in category names and buttons at the bottom, because your using it lower to differentiate each line. Maybe you should just stay with the blue :slightly_smiling:


Yes, the color-toggle in headers and lines is confusing. I breifly missread ‘light line’ as off, since it had a more disabled color.