Ok so this is not of of those threads so pluease claim down.

Ok here in the US we have guys like JAY LENO on Late night TV

Now what i want is for someone from the US to post a famous person on TV band or TV show and then someone who know that person reply with a person in the UK thats in the same CAGO as the person the person from the US post ok ready…

MTV: (insert a TV show thats like MTV in UK)

your posts are really starting to annoy me.

If you made sense of it you’re doing better than me.

Blue, please stop posting this mindless garbage. No one wants to compare anything about the US and the UK.

No one cares where you’ve been.

No one cares if you think people in the UK are ignorant and stupid.

Thank you. Have a nice life.

What the hell?

All i wanted to know was what kind of TV program they have over there now and what kind of music they listen to.

Leave it like this.

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

if you want to know what shows the UK has, go there.

I’m not disrepecting you, so check yourself.

I want you to stop posting pointless crap. Thats all. One or two posts isn’t a problem, but the other day you post 3 or 4 really really pointless threads and it just annoyed me. So don’t do it. We had a problem similar to this before when people were posting really really pointless threads in the Random section.

Yes, random is for random, but its not to just post anything because you think you should. Just keep yourself in check.


Edit by jubba. You might as well leave the forum now, because any thread of yours will be deleted and/or locked.

The mods have a duty to keep tabs on the forums - remember this is a predominantly Flash forum, which is why we’re all here in the first place.

And please tone down your language. I for one won’t tolerate it.

thread is locked kit. Do me a favor and anytime this kid posts, delete it or lock the thread.

if he’s going to call me names then he doesn’t have to be here.

yeah my first reponse was dickish, but then I explained myself more fully. I apologize for sound harsh at first, but I just don’t want to see the stuff that happened before.