Unity is...

After a long break from writing code in general, I finally got a chance to try out unity, which I really knew little about. Maybe a decade late to the party here but I have to say…

I’m totally blown away. I mean really at a loss of words with what I’ve been able to accomplish in a few days starting at nothing. Coming from flash/air, It’s ■■■■■■■ incredible.

Picking up c# from as3 is also so much less an issue than I thought, and there seems to be no end in the mountain of free beginner resources.

Stay tuned for a game I will start, abandon, and never complete or tell you about.


I remember when I was a younger I looked into learning unity so I could make a game. Turned out is was easier to just play the games other people made.

I cannot confirm, I haven’t really played many games as an adult. It’s probably strange I think building little game prototypes is the most exciting thing ever, but I don’t actually play modern games… And I’ve never been that in to star wars, which unfortunately I think is prerequisite #1 for being a good game developer.

I feel like an idiot coming on here after all these years being like, " hey guys did you hear this new unity thing? Also we should all buy pogs. "

I just had no idea the tools we’re so good. Interpolation blending between 3d ik Animations, fairly easy to use physics… Everything seems to just work correct the first time.

I was fairly decent with flash develop. After the initial setup in a project, you get everything working great and then one day for seemingly no reason maybe it can’t push to phone or something dumb will waste hours.

I don’t even know what I’m doing barely and it just works. No surprises so far. Everything I’ve ever done in flash before is extremely relevant as far as knowledge goes, so that’s a plus.

I think the real difference is this is a tool really built for making games, I’m so used to needing to do everything from scratch or from outdated broken libraries… To some extent.

That is great to hear, @tbo :grinning:

I have only used Unity to better understand how they solved some tricky problems that I was stuck with when building designer/developer tools earlier in my career. Their ecosystem of plugins and developer support is pretty impressive as well.

Yes the ecosystem seems endlessly large. I’ve searched for many problems and the answers appear pretty readily available.

Of course that may end eventually if I’m probably searching for common beginner questions.

Reminds of when I first decided to really sit down and learn as3. There was a period where everything I searched for immediately resulted in a @senocular post with the correct explanation. I don’t remember how I ended up on this site but it’s probably from that

Yeah, the tip of the day!


Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that.

I just looked it up:

It did not survive the forum conversion well.

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I feel bad about this sometimes. But on the other hand, ActionScript itself didn’t survive the last decade particularly well so it’s a bit of a wash.


haha! :rofl:

That thread brings back memories. AS3 was so much fun!

There really needs to be a “web development” version of the tip of the day where it is just HTML, CSS, and JS tips :thinking:

I’ll add this as something to look into in the near future when I get more breathing room.

This thread encouraged me to do exactly that (though I was going to focus on JS) but I spent my time making a kirupa head pic instead :grimacing: