UNREAL DESIGNS (super cheap web design)

this is a website design site, its really cool. you can get stuff designed for really really cheap.


no, it’s not really cool. instead of making me a custom logo for $1, i will pay you $1 to never post anything like this again.

but now, since someone moved it to s&c, i will give it the “for starters” critique:

  • drop the table based layout
  • use spellcheck
  • get a better tagline
  • drop the hit counter
  • show thumbnail images in your portfolio
  • at least throw sample content in your portfolio pieces
  • make sure you don’t have deadlinks

i dont know why it was moved here, its not my website. I was just saying it was cool cause they offer really cheap website design and i thought the layout looked cool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I moved it cause it’s not a cool site :lol:, or have cool content

Funny that the site is named “Unreal”. It is “Unreal” that someone would find this cool. And the prices are “Unreal” http://unrealdesigns.net/prices.php … It would be “Unreal” if they are still around with these prices in 2-3 years.


Cheapo design like this makes us ALL worthless. It doesn’t matter that our work is way better, cleints are stupid and will look at price first. They will obviously choose the guy who does it for cheap. This leaves all real designers monyless and living in a box shivering, all the while the internet is degrading until all commerce halts and the planet explodes.


:lol: what’s even more funny is that in his FAQ he says that it’s a one man show, but he continually says “we”.

And… well basically… you get what you pay for… bottom dollar designs and coding for bottom dollar.

Uncool and Not Funny (Unfunny :slight_smile: ) …

Not true doesn’t make us ALL worthless. I’ve had a few clients say that to me, but my sales skills are much better than those bottom feeder wannabes ;). All they can say is… we makes sites for cheap… that’s it.

um no please don’t doubt his talent just because his prices are cheap. this guy is actually really really good

then why does he undersell himself?

Exactly… he says “cause that’s the way it should be”… that’s like goin to a car dealership and expecting them to give you a lamborgini for $1 or $8 for getting it with all the extra includes.

I don’t know, maybe he’s not in it just for the money like most people. God people are kirupa are such jack a**es, you guys jump to a conclusion before you have even seen his work. just because someone doesnt charge as much as you guys doesn’t mean he sucks or isnt as good as you

I didn’t say he sucks, although i have come to that conclusion after looking at his work…:slight_smile:

I’m just saying. Alot of us do this full time, It’s not about money, it’s about being able to keep doing this. If i only charged $8 for a website i would have to get a part time job at McDonalds.

people have the right to charge what they want, you shouldnt hate them or look down on them for that. show me some of your work mr. professional.

You must have not looked in his portfolio. I see a whole bunch of bland templated designs. And prolly downloaded scripts. I’ve seen A LOT worse… don’t get me wrong. But to play yourself up as the best like he does, and inturn try to say that all other designers are ripoff artists, is pretty low.

Actually I wish your buddy all the best. it is people like him that keep me in business. They drop these whack template style designs, then I go behind them and get the clean up money and charge for the re-design. Seriously man, there is such a thing as pricing yourself right out of business. And he is on his way to doing that. And I dont hate this person nor find fault in his style or business. You opened a can of worms when you put this site in KS. I mean do you think this is 2a, WA007, BB or anyother calibre design and skills? I mean this is borderline spam.

I mean this is borderline spam.


I think you all fail to realize, that he’s not in this just for money and to make this his actually business. i believe web design is actually his hobby. i would like to see defective, simplistik, and ddd’s work, since you are acting like your sooooo good

DDD, quick!, jerk him off a logo with his name:lol: