Unreal Tournament 2003 Instagib

Yeah, and that’s like, SO nineties.

:wink: :sigh:

Haha - oh but it is o.O.

It’s all Nintendo and Sega now baybeah :p:

hauls out Alex Kidd and Master System

Haha what the hell…

today in u2 04 i got an error on some fcked up map… it says its complete… tho it kept going till about 170 or so…

happened to me, too but at some point the download was finished so not a big deal.
but the things that thoroughly p*ssed me off in ut and ut2k3 are starting to happen in 2k4 now, too. servers making you download about 10 files before you can play on them for example. every godforsaken server seems to have different versions of mapvote and other stupid programs that I’ve never had problems with but that keep getting updated. when I was playing 2003 again yesterday I had to download ut mapvote 5.3. when I never had any problems with version 1. sorry for disgressing :wink:

That was my first game on Xbox Live…what great memories I loved Instagib! Also loved the lightning gun, I played so good with that little gadget. I remember one day me and grinch hadnt played UC in a few months or so and we picked it up, played with some lightning guns and owned!

Yeah, they’re great for sniping purposes and look nice as well, but IMHO, it stops for me there. I only use them when I don’t have another option, or for sniping :bad: