Unreal Tournament 2003 Instagib

So yeah, this game is one of my alltime favourites, and I used to play it a lot online, mostly CTF Instagib.

For the ones who don’t know, InstaGib is a mutator which makes you kill with one shot. The only weapon available is the modified ShockRifle. It’s probably the most played mutator online; most of the servers apply that mutator.

So anyway, I was wondering if there were any Kirupians who play UT2k3 as well, and if they want to have a go?

I just started playing again, and it would be nice to challenge some Kirupians =)

Come on guys, don’t be shy.

hell yeah - I ONLY play instagib. we should play sometime (though I’m a little rusty, haven’t played in a while :wink: )

Yeah, me too, like I said, it’s been a while… When do you wonna play?

Come on people! There must be someone here willing to play?

Looky here, take it as an invitation:
I started playing online today after at least six months of…not-playing, and look at my score:

For some reason, when you take screenshots in UT2k3, some part is always missing when you past it. Either it’s the flag, or your name, or (like here) a part of the scoreboard. But the main part is in it (my part :P). It was awesome, I joined the server when the score was 8-14 for the blue team, and we still won with 20-19 :smiley: And I got one of my best scores ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, enough bragging, hopefully that’s enough to get some of you Kirupians to show off as well :wink:

To finish, here’s a screenshot I took today, I think it looks nice :wink:

Maybe I’ll turn it into a wallpaper or something later.

Cheers everyone, and if you wonna play, lemme know.

Hmm - instagib. On unreal championship for xbox - I think I remember this sort of. Instakill or something.

Remind me what instagib is…is it the one shot kills?

UT2004 is great, as well as instagib. I remember once playing Bombing run on 2k3 when ig first came out on this ice map with a bunch of friends. We finally just had to quit because none of us could get any scores after 3 hours. It was funny!
If I ever have some time to play, I’d gladly play some good old instagib. I suck though, it’s been wayyyy too long since I’ve played.

InstaGib has been around from UT on. It wasn’t invented for UT2k3 :wink:

Yes, it’s the one shot kill, which makes for an ultimate rushy gameplay. It takes lots of practise, coz it’s more acrobatics then something else. You have to realise that you have to make it the whole way into the enemy base, steal the flag and make it the whole way back without taking ONE shot. In the normal game, it’s no problem if you get shot once, you won’t die. But here, one shot is lethal.

So it’s awesome, it’s dodging off the walls, sidestepping while double jumping, and still shooting during that process… It’s amazingly hard, but once you master it, you’re pretty good at almost any FPS, especially coz games like Mohaa go a lot slower, but you’re reflexes are sharpened trough playing UT2k3, so it’s…easier.

It’d be cool to get a bunch of Kirupians on a server together :slight_smile:

ahhhhhh instagib was the best back on URC!! It didn’t take much talent (after a lot of practice), all you need was a good eye, quick hand, and good aim! Me and my friends would play for hours!

Thierro, maybe we can play tomorrow or sumfin
I’ve PMed you my ICQ and MSN ids, in case you got one of the two

Yea I used to play instagib on live with those guns that shoot the purple rays and the big purple balls which blast up - what were they called?

K Thanks, I’m going to add you on msn.

Shock Rifles :wink:

Ah - Thanks. Shock rifles were amazing.

When we were playing team deathmatch, I’ve seen some people with some real skill on that gun.

I used to use the lightning gun. If that’s what it’s called.

People like me :cool: :wink:

Yeah, the Lightning Gun is the UT2K3 Sniper Rifle…It’s pretty cool, although I’m more of a classic sniper gun kinda guy :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to sleep now, gnight. :z:


Come on people!

I can’t be the only one out of 15,933 who plays UT2K3, now can I?


get with the times, its UT2K4 now. :stuck_out_tongue: Im not going back to 3

yeah, seriously.

UT2K3 owners: you get some discount if you own (which I’m sure most of you do ;)) this game and purchase 2K4. It’s worth it so do it already, dammit. :a:

I feel so old and cheap. :frowning:

You’re a vegatable.

Ow yeah? YEAH? Well then…You’re…You’re…

runs away crying

Seriously, I was like one of the first to buy UT2K3 and now I don’t even own the new version :ne:

Rofl - don’t worry about it. I’m still stuck on xbox…:sure:.