Upaut and Kirupa, How long do u spend at the pc each day?

Just out of interest coz you both seem to post on here quite a lot.

Thanks, wont take long to answer

That’s hard to say. I’m very moody with this sort of thing, especially in the winter. I do post from work though, if I get free time (if… :lol: ) so you can see posts from any time of the day or night.

total time per day though, is probebly around 5 hours at home, working on something, as opposed to playing games. I should really spend MORE time doing real work, but like I said, I’m moody.

I spend a good portion of my day in front of the comp when I’m not at school. Right now, I’m logging in over 9 hours in front of the comp because of the re-design process for my site. If I am doing work for a client, I am known to pull all-nighters in an effort to complete the job.

Because I am a student, the time I spend on regular days varies depending upon the amount of homework I have. Also, I spend a good portion of my computer time playing computer games with friends from school. Primarily StarCraft, Mechwarrior 4, Mech4: BK, and Unreal Tournament :slight_smile:

somedays i may spend 17 hours chatting or working on something, somedays i might not touch my computer, it varies :wink:

17 hours…holy **** the most I have ever spent is maybe 5 hours and thats at night when there is nothing else to do!

about 8 - 10… i read a lot… and sleep a little :smiley:

on weekends 2 - 4…i drink a lot… and sleep a little :smiley: :smiley:


I have probably spent 15-17 hours a day behind the computer but only because I found this site and a few others that helped me in ways I didn’t imagine. One of those nights, last night, day, well, er whatever, was a 25 hour day, but I finally figured out how to do e-mail, and bookmarking and a preloader. Once I got started I couldn’t stop. But I slept well.


i sleep 4 hours a day… work 32 hours a week… and come home to my comp for the rest.

u do the math. i have massive projects to get done. it takes patience and alot of caffeine.

my g/f is real understanding and doesnt occupy alot of my time fortunately. women can be annoying soemtimes. =] its nice to get a break once in a while.

I know you probably don’t care about me but I sit on here about 5 hours a day. I am a social worker so I am pretty busy during the day making people pay their child support and dealing with emotional issues.

5 hours a day is enough, maybe 12 a day on weekend.

I think that this is very interesting myself. :slight_smile: I love hearing about this kind of thing… kind of gives me an idea of how motivated I need to be to be really great at this stuff. Thanks for putting in input people… even if this thread wasn’t addressed to you… I’m fascinated.

week days… hmmm 5 at the most… and on week ends about 15 hours…

im glad we make you think upuat…


tdf wrestling… that sig still makes me drool…

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hehe thanks iCu,

i just found this post and saw you compliment!


:smiley: you made my birthday!

my b-day was the 23rd… =]

i love that sig

well happy birthday from the 23rd!

now i noticed your a 3D guru! and i was wondering if you could do something for me (its something pretty simple) and seeing as you love my sig sooo much i thort ya might like to help me out.

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if icu doesnt’ let me know tdf. I’ll help you out


upuaut if ya want ya can help =]

any of you ace people can help!

i told him the “brief” if you like so upu, if ya talk to him he will tell ya.

cheers guys!