Updated site! please check

www.lifemiami.com is updated unf!

its nice.

simple nice stuff

good work.
Are the sounds streaming?

yeah the sounds are streaming.

some of the images have average quality, when some are really good. try to keep them the same. other than that, its good.

the design is good… love the way the image scrolls work when you change pages.
the only thing that i think needs improving… besides maybe upping the quality of some of the pictures, is the index.html page.

it looks real shotty, and personally if i was surfing the site i would close it right there just because it doesnt look professional. add a little bit of simple flavor to it, and your set.

Is it just me ? I think the image scrolle is not that pro. but if you make it fade in or something it will get cool.
Make the image quality to 100% your site is very fast loading.

but nice site :wink:

are you talking about the index.html??? or you talking about the flash design??

the index.html page

Very good…
Nice, clean, and simple.
Good colours.
Maybe consider speeding up the frame rate a bit? It seems to drag just a little.
Or possibly adding an additional effect for the transitions.
Nice work!

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