Upgrading to MX

Sometimes I think the latest updates are pointless and so I continue to use older versions. I’m currently using Flash5, and was wondering what advantages MX would give me.

I know if has more superior video options, which I don’t care about, and it can allow for jpg’s (and gifs I think) to be loaded in, which isn’t really that impressive.

I’ve had a quick look at a trial version and all the panels fill my screen up, leaving me little space to type action script or anything else. @#%$ my small monitor. But I can navigate around that if need be.

I hear it has better/more advanced scripting? If so, what (ie is it like Flash4 to Flash5, or simply new commands), and what else makes it worth the upgrade?

Just want to know because I’d hate to get all comfy with 5 to find it’s ancient or something. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t really see the advantage either. For now. There are quite a bunch of new functionnalities, like the components things and all, but I fear that the major improvements are not really visible for the common Flashers that we are.
All this OOP things don’t really concern me, really.

pom 0]