Urge to kill rising... rising

Okay, so I was about to post in seifer tims ROFLMAO thread, and yet again, his thread has inspired another thread :smiley: I have decided to open a venting thread; couldn’t find it, but merge it if it’s there.
So I shall post vents and such, and people can do the same, about anything. A good healthy stress relief :wink:

Okay so yesterday was my ONE day of basically, when lo-and-behold, I get a call from work; they want me, nay, need me to work. :sigh: I hate closing, I hate it sooo much, and with school three times a week and work all weekend, it feels like I never get a break. But I said okay, I understand when I’m all that’s left, it’s the right thing to do. I wouldn’t wanna leave my AM stuck there by herself! Man that would suck. But I think the store manager would have stayed, and that would be okay heh make him work a bit harder. He would get mass money anyway.
Well the night was ooook I suppose, except for some reason every person one the face of the earth that rents videos seems to be mentally handicapped or possibly brain damaged. OKAY a BIT of an exagerration. :smiley:
But here is how my flow of customers went last night:
I get there, and the first thing I deal with is that this woman has a hold on her account; I have to call the store; it’s sort of an elaborate process; it didn’t work. Finally AM tells me how to contact them another way (the actual store number heh), so that’s fine; taken care of. THEN the coupon they had didn’t work. Since it is able to be used over and over again, just doing a credit is no good cause they’ll get this problem again later. So that takes like five more minutes for my manager to clear up. And here I am, working here for about 1.5 yrs and I look like a week old :stuck_out_tongue:
I gotta go edit it later haha. Bye