"users browsing this forum"

how does it list us? it’s not alphabetical. moderators, then
regulars? bugs me when lots are on here and i can’t make any
sense of it.

probably by the time that they come in. or maybe by our ids… the order in which we signed up for the forums… could be a bunch of things…

i would think abc-order would suffice, but ok.

very creative idea phil… however, I think it happens in order that the users get to the page… I’ll have to test this one of these days… it’s just a hypothesis.


I think it is done by a random binary superfluous intersection with the Heisenberg Compensators at MT.


you have no idea how hard I’m laughing right now… I don’t know why, but I found that really funny… haha…

yeah me too…funn…I mean, phunny. :stuck_out_tongue:

How can you do anything really cool without Heisenberg Compensators?



the uncertainty principle WOULD be a problem for the teleporter…

that is why we have the HC’s…




haha, this is the most random thing ever… haha

it IS alphabetical i just looked with a ton of ppl here.

it’s not alphabetical man…


maybe that is how Dipi’s alphabet looks…

he is lysdexic…


poor Dipi! :slight_smile:

All I know is Kirupa is always first and I’m always last. Shakes fist at Kirupa AI

…it is alphabetical order for me. This Kirupa AI is very strange - it has a life of its own. Last time I heard of it, it was playing frisbee in the school courtyard - maybe that’s what caused the strange results in Who’s Online hehe.

Kirupa :cool:

lol, teach it a lesson, shut its power off, mabye it will learn not to mess up. haha:P

PsychoDreamer, DyersEve, Alex, Seretha Blaze, abzoid

thats what i see… doesn’t look alphabetical to me…