Using blend material with uvw map

Hi all

I have put a bitmap into the diffuse slot of a material, and applied a uvw modifier to the object with the material, enabling me to keep the one bitmap object and move it around with the gizmo etc.

However the problem is, the bitmap inherits the materials characteristics, reflections etc… ie it comes up as pale as wendell, washed out colours etc.

I’ve been told to use a blend material - but I don’t know how to “target” the bitmap for one of the two material slots, and the rest of the mesh for the other slot.

Aside from that, i’ve found it can only literally blend the two materials, whereas I need to apply one to the bitmap, and the other to the rest of the mesh… if that makes sense.

Anyone have any pointers? It’s for a noble cause. You’d be saving me some serious premature (possibly self inflicted) hair loss.