Using different fonts in a text scroll?

How can I use different fonts in a text scroll. Like having a different font for the title.

You know i have the same problem.

I just finished my Text Scroll, for a news section on my site. you can check it at

I was wondering how to get the Date text a differnt color and font then the rest of the actual news. Since its set in a variable value im thinking the code needs to go in with it. Inside the action script, but i have no idea what it is, or if its possible…

I also wanted to ask, is there a way to have the date in its own one line backround of a different color ??? So that the Date maybe can have a strip of black backround behind it that goes from one side of the text box to the other… God i need help :frowning:

You can change a few things about the display of your text by enabling html for the text field (a checkbox in the options panel) and then using the appropriate tags in your txt-file. Sadly, Flash only supports very few html tags, font is ok.
For the backgroung thing, you’ll need to have the date in it’s own txt-field, and just put a grafic on a layer behind it to fake a background, or use Flash MX which lets you set the bg color of txt fields.
Helps? Need more details?

I dont understand what you mean. Can someone help us pleasee!!!

btw: how do you make your own scroll bar???

Dont think you understand. When you do a text scroll, the text is not actually in the text field. Its in the Variable Value on the action script… So your writing the words in the variable spot. There is no html coding or anything there, the text options dont have an effect in the variable do they ?

I mean can i do ** ** or something like that inside the value of the variable text line ???

That’s exactly it, you need to use tags in your txt-file, and these tags won’t get displayed if html is enabled in the flash txt field, but converted to the proper layout, but as i said, only a few work: <a href>, <font: color =yes, face=i don’t remember>,