Using Flash 5 tutorials in Flash MX?

I am new to Flash and I have been looking alot at the tutorials trying to get a handle on some of the cool effects. I have noticed there are alot of cool tutorials for Flash 5…I am pretty sure these tutorials will work in Flash MX…but how much of a difference will there be in the execution of them? Will the scripting change, or is it just finding the correct commands in the new menu layout that is different? Sorry if this sounds dumb…thanks for any help…

a lot of them will work in Flash MX.

just look for deprecated commands in Flash MX, and you will get a general sense for what is “on its way out”.

Happy Flashing!


also… you can save a file as a Flash5.0 file, and publish to a 5.0 swf format… so, if you do the tut and it doesn’t seem to be working you can try that to achieve older version compatability. Most of the a/s that I’ve seen works the same in MX as it did in 5.0.

The biggest difference I think is in the panel layout. A lot of what you used to enter into things like the “instance”, and “info” panels, now goes in the “Properties” panel.