Hi ya

Just got mx - is it better than 5.0 and is it worth changing over?

Plus are they compatible



1st question : YESSSSSSS !!!
2nd question : More or less. As you can see in the springs tutorial I did, the scope of variables isn’t the same in MX as in F5, so you have to be careful, but if it works with F5, it will work with MX.

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Good thing is, you have the option to save as Flash 5 fla, so any flas you have, you can keep, no worry, whereas F5, opening F4 flas, would always convert them to F5, no way back!
Use MX, it’s so much better!!

Hey babe - where are your spring tutorials ?

Thank you for the info

in the Flash 5 Advanced tutorial section.

It’s right there, baby, right there……pring2.asp

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And Jubby Boy, it’s in the Actionscript advanced section :rollin: