Using Flash To Read Data From A Website

Right first of all I haven’t been using Flash for very long so if you’re gonna try and explain can you make it as simple as possible…

What I want to do is have a Flash movie diplayed on my website that shows values from other websites, e.g how many posts I have on a particular site etc or on another site etc.

That’s an interesting idea.

I don’t doubt that it could be done. Using javascript to detect current locations and feel those names back to a flash player on another page wouldn’t be too tough… I think. The problem of course would be that you would need that other web page, of your design, open at the time you were surfing. Possibly that could be set for an autostart upon opening your browser, using Window’s macros or Macscripting… It’s all a little beyond me though. Maybe one of the others would have a better idea.

anyway… I think what you’re asking can be done.

Thanks for your support. Someone on another forum mentioned it’d be easier in Flash MX any ideas?

Well… I don’t have MX yet… so I’m stuck approaching it from that angle.

I’m certainly interested in any solutions you may come across in your travels. I can think of a few good uses for that feature