Vertical Centering and the Attack Of The Banner Ad

I tried to center an image vertically. The solution seemed obvious to me: make a 3 rowed table with height = 100% with the image centered in the middle table. The only problem is that I forgot I was on a free server and now that stupid banner ad is getting in the way, putting the image off-center and making a big blank space at the bottom that people can pointlessly scroll down to.

Any suggestions on some other way to center the image vertically?

Take a snapshot of it in zoom, develop the picture and paste it in the VERY center of your monitor. :lol:

the only thing I could think of

Those evil banner ads! I can think of two possible solutions:

  1. Go to and see if they have something to fix you up.

  2. Using DHTML, make the table level really high and use absolute position to force it to go over the banner.

Well, none of these solutions make me happy… I really don’t want to screw them over (I figure that if we all start screwing them over they’ll stop offering free servers, namely because they’ll stop being profitable.), and I don’t really know any DHTML. But at least I can look in to that one. And will, uh, some day.

I doubt those banner ads are very profitable… unless I’m the only one who is trained to automatically ignore the first 65 pixels of space at the top of free server sites…

No, but it doesn’t cost them very much to put those websites on the internet in the first place, either. So on average they probably make about a penny or so profit for each site every, uh, some period of time. Not very impressive, granted, but when you take into account that Tripod has millions of these sites on the go that number gets much bigger.

why use Tripod. If you’re using your flash site, just go to they don’t have any ads anywhere…they are a really good host…

Do you want to split the cost of Pow Web for 1 year? 7.77 a month. We would get 200 megs of space. It would be very economical for us to split one-


Or we could go in on a ipowerweb plan. 7.95 a month, 150 megs of space, free shopping cart, free chat rooms, I think it’s 15 gig of transfer a month, unlimited FTP. Either go to their site or go to mine and you will see an ad on the index page, if not refresh and one will show up. Even if you go it alone its a @#%$ good package, been looking and its the best thus far. The free chat room is neat and the free shopping cart. Its a great deal…



Heres an indress to their site; At the bottom of the FAQ’s you will find a Demo of the control panel; Check it out and spend some time there, its really neat.


I have to admit, Phil, that that’s tempting, but first I want to make sure that I have the dedication to keep the site going. Once I’ve proven to myself that I can do this consistently I’ll probably look in to that.

is a company from Dublin
offers you free server and is verry fast
no banners
no popups
20 Mb webspace
ftp and site upload

  • reliable (don’t kick your pictures of after let’s say a month)


My site is already 9 megs. I would outgrow that Web Host by the end of May. But thanks anyways-Fonky Monkey