Video is fun...almost tooo fun!

I took a FF CG scene that I had on my PC and used it in MX to test out the quality and I thought it looks pretty spiffy! Take a look its a 2meg preload:

<embed src=“” quality=high width=320 height=224>

I updated the load scene…its ghetto’ed out on the preloader but I am showing the video and sound quality so it may take a little while to load!

Xcellent quality!
did you import into MX or link it?
what compression you used?

I imported it straight into MX and I made the quality 80% so it can even look better than that! I also imported the sound and did the regular compression under the publishing settings.

ff7…i was thinking more ff the movie, but oh well.

whats your sites address again? the green one. :wink:


I LOVE FF7! and 9, and 10…but, uhmmm, yeah…riiiiight…