Vote: Abstract Battle

Voting will now start for the line art battle between Soulty, Alethos and Kaotic. All random posts that have nothing to do with battle will be deleted. Voting will be closed January the 28th or first contestant to 50 votes.

Theme: Abstract Wallpaper representing Destruction (No Motion)
Programs: Anything

soulty’s has more meaning to destruction, yet i voted for athelos, his looks cooler and… yeah it does have this ‘destruction theme’ :beam:

Yeah, Soulty’s entry is very good, and he obviously put a lot of work into it, but I prefer the coldness of Al’s piece. Na, I vote for Soulty after all. And Kaotic, well, I don’t see much destruction in there :-\

yeah after much thort on kaotics piece i decided he took the word abstract and used that as the main point.

although im sure he has a reason for making it.

Soulty really put a meaning to his work, but still I prefer the cool look of alethos entry.

But both are really good :A+:

soulty all the way =) if alethos has organs hanging everywhere that woulda been hella cool

Have to go with soulty, although As was definitely a great piece. Hella tight. (Hadn’t hear “hella” in sometime Machi :cool: )

For me it was also between Alethos and Soulty.

Both conveyed the theme in differenet ways and were quite sad. Alethos’ piece was more cold, with the blood on the crystal, but overall I went for Soulty’s work. The picture made me think of the tree stumps going on and on, out of the picture, which is pointless destruction.

Well done…

i am with kit…if Al’s piece didnt have the bg crys in it i might have gone for that one…or if the body(s) was (were) laying around some where…

I really liked Soulty’s. It was really cool with a lot of stuff drawn well with good detail =)

Kirupa C:-)

my bad guys , i voted for myself, take one away from me kirupa , thanx.

sorry about that guys and i glad you all like the pic :slight_smile:

makes perfect sense tho :-\

honesty soul. good for you man. :slight_smile:

wonder who voted for kaotic… :x

you´re mean mak, pure :evil:

I voted for Al. Soulty’s is good as well but I thought it was a bit cluttered. :skull:

Well done everyone :bounce:

  • Soul :goatee:

*Originally posted by Guig0 *
**you´re mean mak, pure :evil: **

:whistle: :whistle: who me!!?? (-: :whistle:

hey come on…kaotic knows i’m playing…i’m sure he has a sense of humour…right Dr. Phil???

even dr. phil, the renowed defensor of the helpless, left you alone in this :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s obvious that soulty’s entry has more meaning so I voted for Soulty’s. Alethos’s entry is good too, but not as good as Soulty’s. As for Kaotic’s entry, I have no comment…:x

time to get MAX
over and out:beam:

hmm tough choice between the two
but i think that soultry has a better grasp on destruction
i dont remember voting for myself :confused: hmm

LOL Kaotic :stuck_out_tongue: