saw this site and thought it was pretty awesome made by the guys at 2advanced

Once again 2advanced made a O so cool website!!! :smirk:

Ya they got some cool stuff. My favorite is still club 01. Next time you make a post like this it should go in site check. Just a suggetion to help keep thing organized.:slight_smile:

well it would have been in site check but i am posting it for site of the week

Only the creator of the site can post for SOTW.

Did you work on this project?

I think SOTW is for sites done by forum members…

I could be wrong, if so I appologize in advance…


Haha, read my previous post rev, I seem to have posted at the same time as you.

you young guys type faster than me… :*(


sorry i didnt realise i should in theory read the rules thing at the top but i forgot well looks like the next time ill post is when my site actually looks fun its flash at the mo but not very good

i retract my post


What beta said.

You see all of the little black squares along the grey bars. What is a quick way to do that?

U posted at the same time as me:P

I always wondered how they did the tiny black square pattern on bars too. I have seen it on many other sites, but whenever I try to do it, the squares become anti-aliased, and look ugly.

Imported image maybe?? :-\

It must be a PS job and then to have it draw in there is just a white mask that pulls back over top of it.

you can do the pattern in Flash… use the custom line tool… just set it to dotted and define your spacing and size - very easy effect. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried that and it got anti-aliased and looked bad :-\