lol lemme rephrase that… q3 sucks massive butt… the mod for it called urban terror is sweet as hell. www.urbanterror.net

my clan can be found here www.clan-icu.com

my buddy did the page in an hour or so… i got tired of trying to flash so i gave up and he took over.

my handle is what u see… iCu*MeHoo

i play on our clan servers…
ports 27960-27980 on a regular basis.

if u play urban terror drop me a line… i would gladly whoop ya all anyday.

and i WAS lookin for a 600 dollar wacom =] oen thign i noticed… they all had the same resolution !!! weird. i dunno where to test drive it at though =[

could i use it in 3dsmax and make kewl shtuff like this?



Wow… those are some pretty cool graphics… I do not know in what way a Wacom would help you to do these… perhaps it would not help at all.

Quake III, nope sorry I only play freeze tag standard death match. I can’t figure out how to get those other mods to work correctly… I always end up screwing my program up and having to reinstal quake.

If you ever get the incling to play regular quake give me a hollar… but I know how you mod guys are… you like your @#%$ and not much else… completely understandable.

true =] well… i gave rq3 a try and absolutely hated it… NOT ENOUGH AMMO. the user interface rocked though… i stik to urban terror.

Hi there,

I use the Wacom Graphire2 for just about everything. Believe me, you will hardly ever use your mouse after you get one of these. I love it.

It also came with Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE and Corel Painter.

Great bargain!

See you around.


those looked like fun to use , but when i started pouneding on my computer screen it got broked. has anyone had this problem before?, it must be a manufactuer defect.

Are you trying to be funny?

i cant figure it out yet either.

i do believe Kirupa posted earlier to him about intelligent posts.