Wallpaper Image Manipulation

Hey everyone,
I’ve never done a battle before, and I desperately need a newer wallpaper, so I figured I’ll slightly injure two large koalas with one stone by creating this battle.

Basically, here is the following desktop image that will be manipulated or modified suitable for a desktop: http://web.mit.edu/kirupa/www/1280.jpg

Is anybody interested?

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Yes, I will also try my hand at editing that image also. Never edited an image before, but I would bet it won’t look pretty!

EDIT2: If the entries are really good (which I am sure they will be), I’ll create a section on the site featuring official kirupa.com wallpapers designed by all of you!

First time entering one of these battles. So here’s my little contribution. Don’t be too disappointed Kirupa, I don’t have my graphics tablet yet.


I want in, i have been wanting to enter a photoshop battle, never have. Looks like fun. Nice entrys guys.

I plan on adding more to it, still kinda dull…


In all honesty, this one should win…hehe


Here is mine:

Click link for large version:


Nice job Fester… Nice job to you others as well… Fester’s seems to have caught my eye a little more so far though :slight_smile:

Thanx Buddy :thumb:

huge: http://upstage.ws/comic_potential/html/poster/kirupa/Khuge.jpg
1024: http://upstage.ws/comic_potential/html/poster/kirupa/KNormal.jpg

i need to work on colors (a tad to bright for a desktop) and getting clear blank space somewhere (for icons) will post updates later…


or just click here

Thanks Kirupa, my last exam is in the morning…I’ll have more time to piece a better one together after that. I hope everyone else who has exams does well.