Want to earn a quick buck de-bugging a simple script?


I 'm a Flash novice trying to make a wheel graphic rotate a certain number of degrees using Actionscript to loop the animation, and use an if/else statement to check if the rotation is true. I cannot get it to work. I’ll send you teh .fla by e-mail if anyone is willing to have a quick look at it. Dead simple if you know how :slight_smile:

Simon Bowen

u can attach it simply by re-posting a reply, and go to Attach File, Browse for ur Fla, then Submit Reply :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip but I tried that already, spent ages typing my message, attached the .fla and was then it was too large. I subsequently lost my message when returning to the message entry page. Hmmmm…

Anyway… do you or anyone else reading this post want to have a look at this? If you understand if/else statements it should be a 10 minute job and I’m happy to give a contribution of a few dollars via PayPal or something if you can help.


if it’s a Flash 5.0 file I’ll do it for free… I don’t think that I even need the file to debug it (which is good because my email is down right now. lol)

answer the following for me, since I can’t see the file.

A) what degree do you need to test for?
B) counterclockwise, or clockwise?
C) what do you want to happen when it reaches that degree?

Hi There,

That’s incredibly kind of you to offer to look at this. I guess it’s Ok to do it Flash 5. I have Flash 5 but usually like to create the .swf as a version 4 because more people can view it.

I don’t just want to turn the wheel immediately to teh new rottaion position. I want it to turn say in 10 degree intervals on a loop until the variable ‘r’ equals the value I need. Here’s my frame action script code that doesn’t work:

if (r ==120) {
gotoAndPlay (“pink info”, 1);
} else {
prevFrame ();

I set the value ‘r’ to display and it definitely records the rotation of ‘wheel’ but when I run the movie it goes straight past any value I set and doesn’t respond the value having been reached.

In the previous frame I have:

setProperty (“wheel”, _rotation, r+10);
gotoAndPlay (3);

Any ideas? Why is my variable ‘r’ not being picked up by my if/else statement?

Thanks so much


it probebly has something to do with the fact that rotation is measured in radians instead of degrees. This always throws me off. I’ll have to check this out when I get home and can look at my ASDG book. I’ll get back to you.

Also, I just want to add. We don’t offer to look at these files. This is what we are here to do. There is no need to offer money for our services. We often tackle more difficult problems than this without ever thinking of the possibility of being reembursed. We are here to help, that is the purpose of the forum. Putting the offer of money in your heading or anywhere in your post will not make us any more apt to read your post and answer your questions. Just for future reference.


I used to live for 4 years in a community based around the whole notion of giving – it isn’t an alien concept to me :slight_smile: But when the ‘currency’ in this case is the ability to give support to people who need Flash help, I’m flat broke (I’m a Flash novice). I didn’t mean to cause offence by offering money - merely that I don’t want to be a ‘taker’. Thanks for the advice anyway.



There was no offense taken, just some friendly advice. There was a chap a while back who offered money in his first post, and then promptly disappeared for a week or so. Caused quite a controversy. No one here is considered a ‘taker’ regardless of skill level. We all came here to learn, teach, and gain knowledge. I just wanted to let you know that there is no reason to offer anyone money, you are sure to get the help you need just because someone here will know how to help, and if we don’t know how to help then we will direct you to someone who can. We continue to provide support to this message board because it is an open community with many different people that have many different skills. We like it here, and we are here to help anyone that needs it.

This is a community of giving. However, here we dont exchange money, we exchange knowledge. You may think that you have no skill in Flash, or in anything else, but there is always a chance that you will know the answer to a question that is posted here and you will then begin to contribute your own knowledge. Therefore you will be giving back to the community what you originally took from it. Its a cyclic pattern.

I hope you enjoy the boards, and all the information they have to offer. I hope you decide to hang around and eventually contribute your knowledge to our ‘helpless’ newbies. :slight_smile:

Jubba :cowboy:

david mentioned that rotation is measured in radians instead of degrees… can someone explain to me the difference please… ive heard of radians but i dont know what they are… and it might help me out if i try to rotate somthing with a/s if i know what it is… thanks

yeah… sorry I haven’t gotten back to this thread in a bit.

I’m still not sure how to explain radians… I’ll break open ASDG when I get home and try to briefly explain it from their words… that’s probebly the best explination I can offer.

_rotation is measured in degrees in Flash, but circular functions like cos, sin and tan use radians. So I don’t think it is a radian/ degree problem. Are you sure you can access r? Did you try the simple debug trace ® in an enterFrame?

About radians and degrees: both measure angles, and there is a very simple equivalence between the 2 units: a full circle is 360 degrees and 2*pi radians. So 1 radian=180/pi degrees. Radians are very practical to write stuff when you do a bit of math, but they are the same, really.

pom :cowboy: