Warrior on Steed - Low poly game model

I’ve had to drop my other projects in favour of some new game design models. I’m trying to flesh out my portfolio and I’ve started by modelling for an online competetion. The title is “warrior on steed” and so far I’ve modelled the basics for my “steed”. I’m limited to 7000 triangles for both warrior and steed and so far it’s at about 1800. It’ll have 2 texture maps, 1 for the warrior and 1 for the steed, both at 1024x1024. This is the first low poly model I’ve ever attempted…

My idea is to have a polar bear type steed with an armoured warrior. Here is a quick render of the bear: (let me know what you think. Be as critical as you like… I’m re-doing the back legs at the moment because it looks a little like he is squatting. I want to have a slight bent leg to indicate the weight of the rider).

the low poly look is sooo cool! that looks really good! i dont think the legs are that bad acctually. i donno it just looks really good

that’s cool.:slight_smile:

btw, hows that Millenium Falcon you were making coming along?

Howd you make this? Is there a good tutorial somewhere?

Can I ban you?!

lol, its great, even at low poly. :slight_smile: Love your work… :slight_smile:

Not too shabby, I like it. I can’t wait to get my hands on Maya, I want to make cool animals and robots too!! :stuck_out_tongue:

cant you poly model in c4d? and he is using 3ds r4

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**that’s cool.:slight_smile:

btw, hows that Millenium Falcon you were making coming along? **

hehe, don’t ask! I’ve had to restart it from scratch because of a few mesh anomalies that wouldn’t let me use booleans without ruining the entire mesh. I’m going to get these low poly models out of the way first and then get stuck back into it.

Texturing this is alot harder than I thought… I’m attempting to unwrap the mesh so I can texture it properly, but I can’t find the tool to split the edge so I can lay it flat. If anyone knows how to split edges apart in max let me know!

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**cant you poly model in c4d? and he is using 3ds r4 **

Yes I can with c4d, but I will be taking a 3D modeling class that uses Maya pretty soon so that’s why I’m excited.

I found how to split edges apart by using edit poly, unfortunately I failed in material mapping because after I unwrapped the mesh it couldn’t find it’s morph target to put the mesh back together :(!

I’m going to just try and put textures on it by unwrapping the UV’s instead of the mesh… hopefully that’ll work, it’s just so tedious!

Almost finished texturing the bear. I used UV’s and sub-object mapping instead of unravelling the whole mesh. It turned out ok, but not as nice as I would have liked. Still a bit of tweaking to do. I’m going to texture the saddle and other details next and then model an armoured headpiece.

Can’t wait to start on the warrior. I’m still undecided about whether to make it male or female, but I have some ideas on modelling the armour already.

that looks so cool… you’ve really got talent for 3d stuff ironik
i recently started with maya, and it’s so confusing… i have trouble with basic stuff, and you’re talking about UV stuff and meshes and poly modelling, which all sound very complex and i have no idea what they are!

i think that if you made the rider a male, it could be really chunky and have bigger armour, but if it was a female, she would have sex appeal

actually, that didn’t really help anything did it? i’m sure either way it will be sweet



Real nice.

That is really nice texture Ironikart, I really like it, how did you make it?

Hey Electron, wait till you see the environments you can acheive with Maya (I’ve only seen it in the movies) :thumb: . Anything is Possible :bounce: Do they sell a student version of the UNLIMITED version? If so, that would be Great! :beam:

Wow!!! :thumb: Love the new textured version, so real! Whens the warrior coming?

By the way EG, I love the new footer :beam:

  • Soul :s:

thats amazingly good man
your so good at 3d
keep up the amazing work

good work man! keep it up!

Thanks soul =)

Cybergold, I don’t know if they sell a student version or not, but most likely I’ll be at school all day using their rendering setup since their computers are much faster.

lol electron sets up a tent outside the class room…hehe i can see it! j/p man. Anthony! WOW!