We are very helpful aint we...?

this is a bit pointless, but im just thinkin that we are all so happy and helpful on these boards!

some places are like really critical of new people, but were all cool!


right, everyone except Pom…

WTH ??? I’m rather nice for a French guy, you know ?..

pom 0]

Hey! I love pom!

Actually, I love everyone here (((feel the love))).

My only complaint is that there aren’t enough posts but I think that has to do with most of us knee-deep in FMX right now. :slight_smile:

You’re right about the civility here though. Those big boards seem so…well…big.

Rock on Kirupa Flashers!


(P.S. I have some great stuff coming up that I need some help testing. Can’t wait for you guys/gals to see it…and–hopefully–not laugh too hard.) :slight_smile:

Thank you, I need some love right now [crying].

pom 0]

Pom, I’m just kidding…you’re always there when I need help. You may not be helping me, just posting crude remarks, but you’re always there.

Crude remarks ?? :smiley: I guess you know what you’re talking about…
No really, when I sound crude, except with you where it’s 100% intentional, it comes from the fact that I can’t speak English so well. Really. Most of the time.

pom 0]

You guys are maing me misty…now stop it.


i was talking about with me…sooo mean…oh well…i’m used to it…

Hey guys, I’m having a hard time trying to understand the last 2 posts…
pom 0]

Just ignore them POM… in america it’s called “yanking your chain”. :slight_smile: